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New Office Delivery Service

Due to recent events we are now delivering to offices around the city centre. You can order from our daily menu and we will deliver it direct to your office. We have all the meat options, salad options and sauces on a handy spreadtsheet. It even has all the prices so you can work out the order easily.


We are obviously trying to minimise the use of cash. If you want to pay by a seperate method we can organise payment online.


As you all know, we cook all our chicken and pork fresh. With this in mind we would like to try and get all orders back to us for 10.15am so we know how much chicken to cook.


Download the document below, complete and e-mail: to Please add the delivery address, contact number. We will let you know when we are delivering in your area.


We are asking for a minimum order of £15

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